A new Chapter

a new chapter

old dog, new tricks. . .

Welcome to Average Joe Solutions! This blog post is going out mainly to family, friends, and of course potential clients as a way of welcoming you to my new little venture. Is scarecited a word? I will be focusing all of my efforts on small businesses that can't justify the large investment in time and money of traditional web agencies. Coming from a small town with parents that both owned their own businesses, I figured it was time to get some real skin in the game...

It's a great fit for me, as I get to do all of the things for clients instead of just a singular role. The whole jack of all trades master of none, type of deal. So I'll be handling the sales, on-boarding, brand strategizing, copywriting, photo work, all the way through the design and build of the actual site. It sounds great right? Not terrifying at all. You can do this Dykeman. . .

I'll always love Design Extensions and the people that made it so great, but am really excited to be able to bring all of my agency experience and solutions to a whole new clientele. I worked their for almost 8 years and met just about most of my friends one way or another through that job, and relationships with people at the job.

 Anyway, before I get too sentimental, if you are a small business owner whose website sucks,  shoot me a message and let's grab a coffee!

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