Average Joe’s Not So Average Desk

if you build it, the work will come. . .(do y’all even remember field of dreams)So it became evident to me pretty early on in the Average Joe’s journey that I would need a really good home office to work from if I was going to really give this my all. I’m normally a “don’t ruffle feathers”, “don’t make a … Read More

A new Chapter

a new chapterold dog, new tricks. . .Welcome to Average Joe Solutions! This blog post is going out mainly to family, friends, and of course potential clients as a way of welcoming you to my new little venture. Is scarecited a word? I will be focusing all of my efforts on small businesses that can’t justify the large investment in … Read More

whats in a name

average joe solutions?that’s a bad name and you should feel bad            Let me set the scene. It’s the late 90’s. You’re a chunky nerd just starting college in a “big city”. Well, big compared to Beaufort, South Carolina. Social media isn’t really a thing yet, but IRC and chat rooms are the coolest things ever. You get to pick your … Read More