If a little insurance is good, know what’s better? Moore Insurance.

if a little insurance is good, know what's better?

moore insurance

I met Tyce Moore and his fiance Jaclyn back in May I think, at a networking event at the Village Inn, bright and early at 8:00 am on a Tuesday. I was still pretty new to networking, and talking about my business in general, but surprisingly I guess I didn't come off too bad. We chatted about his business briefly and then went about our day. I remember he was looking to increase conversions on his site, and get more engagement. I'm kind of the worst salesman in that I generally just like to talk with people, answer questions if I can be helpful, and if there's something more there, I like to think it'll develop.

Well luckily for me it did and Tyce reached out recently with some questions about what we had talked about, specifically MailChimp and email marketing campaigns. He wanted to know what it would cost for me to get him set up and running with a funnel of sorts to help send out newsletters with helpful info for potential insurance clients. He seemed like a smart guy, and I knew if we grabbed a coffee I could probably just show him what he'd need to do to get it all going. This was not because I'm this super altruistic businessman who goes around doing everything for free. On the contrary, I like to think that one of the best ways to be successful in business is to help others be successful.

Sometimes that involves money, other times time, a lot of times it takes both. It's almost like the idea of content marketing but in the real world. Content marketing is a form of marketing where you write and distribute helpful, real info about something you are a specialist in, to a targeted audience. So if you are a plumber maybe you write articles about easy ways to unclog a drain, or why you should use a water softener, etc. In practice, I like to talk to people about what they need in their business, and while I doubt I'm a specialist when it comes to websites, marketing, branding, and design, I do have a lot of experience in it and have worked on a lot of different projects in a lot of different roles. So sometimes it works out that I can help. I read somewhere that feeling like what you do matters is integral to happiness, and I like to partner with businesses when I think I can do something that matters. Anyway, back to the story...

I met Tyce and Jaclyn at the Starbucks on 16 (feeling guilty as his business is down in Palm Coast, so I know he had to drive further than I did for the meeting, but that's beside the point) So I took a look at his website, and his MailChimp account, (jealously a bit, as he currently has more subscribers than I do, doh)! He had a newsletter setup that looked pretty good so we talked a little about ways to get more opt-ins and be more strategic with his marketing energy. Conversions on a site, can be sales, leads, but also a lot of times it's just someone deciding that what you're offering is worth their email address. Jaclyn humored me by laughing at my bad jokes, puns, and overall unbusinesslike behavior. Their website looked great, but I gave them some tips on how to rearrange some things and reorganize it a little to make things really clear and to the point.

So long story short we decided on a little facelift. Basically, the underlying look of the site was good, but the theme had a little bloat, and the builder it was made with (while being a good one) simply wasn't what I use. I don't know if other designer/developers are petty like me, but I tend to think we all have our tools and really like using them, vs "fixing" what's there. So I quoted a quick turn around and modest budget for a faster host, photoshoot, and reskin of the site. He approved the proposal, and we were off to the races.

I'm not just saying this cause I hope to get him business, but if he and Jaclyn deal with their client's to-dos, and turnaround times anything like they did with me, you'd be in good hands having him handle any of your insurance needs. Anything I asked for he got me the same day, and on top of that, he approved of everything promptly and sent really well-detailed feedback that was nicely organized. Not going to lie, he made my job super easy. I drafted the homepage, we set up the photoshoot (thanks Chris, Casey, and Kristin for participating) and fleshed out all of the content in a little over a week.

From there we optimized mobile, configured the email opt-ins and set up a nice downloadable for the homepage. He did bust me a couple times on my computer's choice to never pick up the misspelling your'e instead of you're. I think at some point I must have saved it to the dictionary cause I make the mistake ALL THE TIME. But within 2 weeks, we gathered launch details and got it live. Then after launch, I get blindsided by this great post thanking me on Facebook, Instagram, as well as a glowing Google review.

You know that look you have on your face when you're opening presents, or people are singing you Happy Birthday? Or even worse when you're opening a card, trying to ignore the check or cash so you can read it. Yeah, it's kind of like that. It probably borders on Imposter Syndrome, lol. But Gary Vee, say's I'm a badass, and so does Tyce Moore so they both can't be wrong, right?


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