Pusser’s Food Photoshoot

Pusser's, PVB

amazing food. bad name.

As many of you know I've had just about every job under the sun. I keep thinking about doing a blog post about them all, but A. I don't think anyone would believe me, and B. I don't even know if I'd remember them all. One of my favorite jobs was running a photo studio. I got started in photography shooting real estate. Especially 360 degree virtual tours. Well eventually the bottom dropped out of the market and I expanded those photography services to include weddings, events, family shots, etc. You get the picture. It's one of my favorite things that on photography websites they always say specializing in: and then list literally everything you could conceivably take a picture of. Like hey buddy that's not specializing, it's generalizing...

Anyway I loved taking pictures, still do in fact. I liked it so much that it's still a big part of what I currently offer my clients. Nobody actually likes stock photography, it ranges from downright cringey pics of overused models, and even the decent stuff still comes off looking too...professional? I don't know if that's exactly what I mean, but you know it when you see it. Like it's just a little too polished, or the locale is slightly wrong, etc. Don't get me wrong, we all still have to use stock photos sometimes, you just have to be careful I think, and if you can get a real photo, I say do it.

In helping clients build a working website, a big part of what I offer is custom photography so that their sites don't fall victim to bad stock photos. I just think that real photos resonate better with potential clients. It feels more authentic, even if it's not as perfectly lit or shot like a big budget studio stock image. I think the fact that I'm not as great of a photographer as I think I am, may actually be a good thing.

Rant over. All that being said to basically just intro that I still do photo only work on occasion. Especially when that work involves delicious food, and stiff drinks! A buddy of mine from high school contacted me years ago as he works in marketing for Pusser's Caribbean Grille. Oddly enough he lives up in Charleston, SC, closer to where we grew up; but is the biggest Jags fans I know. So I took some pics of the food, and occasionally he'll contact me when there's a menu update etc. Recently I got to photograph some new dishes being added to the Pussers, PVB menu. Photos below, enjoy!

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