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average joe solutions?

that's a bad name and you should feel bad

            Let me set the scene. It’s the late 90’s. You’re a chunky nerd just starting college in a “big city”. Well, big compared to Beaufort, South Carolina. Social media isn’t really a thing yet, but IRC and chat rooms are the coolest things ever. You get to pick your very own username and setup your very own big kid email address. You wanna be special, you wanna standout, look at me world I’m special!

            Well, despite this being still the early years of the internet, literally every super cool username is taken already, and you don’t wanna just tack a number onto the end as if you are the 17th person to think that this name would be good. That’s not original, and above all else you wanna be original, cause you’re you! So you go back to the drawing board, playing on things like your name, music you like, pop culture references and adding in cool words like laser, and sword, and all other things that were great about the 80’s but somehow just don’t fit anymore.

            And so [email protected] was born. Haha! Success. It has your name in it, and also some symbolization of the “average American” and how you’re NOT that. Awesome. You move on you grow up, you get a college issued email address, you graduate, get a job, make a resume, make an adult email address and that once all encompassing search for that unique name that summed you up perfectly is all but forgotten.

UNTIL. . .

            Fast forward, nearly 20 years have gone by. You’ve gotten married. Had 5 kids. . .(well maybe you didn’t but I somehow managed… or at least my wife did) I mean I helped a little. You work this job or that job; maybe you make a career out of something. Then one-day things change. You’re older. You’re a grown up, doing grown up things and making real decisions.

            One of those decisions is to start your own 1 man fully custom designed website agency. You have a unique business model. You’re going to do this. And so you start filing paperwork, and purchasing new equipment, setting up your website, and of course you start thinking of your brand. Brand, it’s so important you know. What will people think when they see my logo, hear my business name. Will they get it? Will they know I’m special and can really make a difference in their business?

            And all of a sudden your 18 again and you’re trying to find that super unique name to tell the world who you are in one small phrase or word. That’s the very minute history of how I came to be Average Joe Solutions. Wait. . . What happened to the NOT part? No one likes to be average. Are you average? Are your solutions’ average? Are you saying my business is average? This is not off to a good start.

            To me, I am the Average Joe. And so are you. We both work hard, we believe in the American dream. We wanna do good work and get paid for it. At the end of the day, and maybe I’m wrong, I just feel like the majority of us want the same things out of life. And so I’m building a business where I can bring industry leading, large agency results down to the average joe just trying to run his or her business and run it well.

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